International Patients

We are living a wonderful open era thanks to the internet and all the scientific and technological advances. We are witnessing globalization of all citizens of the world with social, relational and similar medical references.

We reserve special attention to the reception of patients from various countries. At the patient's request contact is made via mail for confidentiality. After reviewing the medical records, as completely as possible, we offer our therapeutic advice with maximum explanations. Subsequently we provide an approximate estimate at the patient's request. We can also offer additional services through our partners such as airport transfers and hotel accommodation before and after the intervention.

The surgery is performed with the patient's arrival after para clinical, clinical assessment and a pre anesthetic visit. The recovery may be the first few days in the clinic and/or at the hotel with the daily visit of a nurse and/or a physiotherapist.

After returning to the country of origin, patients are regularly monitored via mail and as needed. The patient may return at any time for para clinical or clinical assessment.