Carpal Scaphoid fracture

The wrist is the joint between the lower ends of the radius and ulna with the carpal bones on 2 lines and allowing the complex operation of this articulation

The scaphoid bone is one of the most important elements of the carp.

It participates in the mobility and stability of the wrist and the first column of the thumb.

Scaphoid fractures are the most common of the carpal bones. They occur in young subjects following intense injuries in road accidents, sports or other accidents..

Poor management of these fractures can lead to functional impairments short, medium and even long term osteoarthritis of the wrist.



    • Pain and sometimes swelling at the base of the thumb (snuffbox).
    • Pain in the mobilization of the wrist
    • Pain when putting pressure on the thumb column.
    • The opposition of the thumb to the other fingers is impossible and painful.
    • This helps confirm the diagnosis in most cases.
    • They may be negative in the early days. A scanner or radio should be repeated after 15 days for confirmation.


  • Orthopedic treatment: The minimally displaced fractures, comminuted. This is a resin holder for 3 months.
  • Surgical treatement:
    • Increasingly indicated even in the non-displaced fractures.
    • This is a percutaneous screw for stabilizing the fracture and to immobilize by an orthosis for 30 days starting rehabilitation quickly.
    • This method provides better consolidation ratios and a more satisfactory functional and rapid result


  • In conservative treatment, immobilization is 3 months healing with 2 months of rehabilitation.
  • In using a percutaneous screw fixation, rehabilitation is immediate and a brace is worn for 4 weeks with the possibility of returning to sporting activities after 6 weeks.