Syndrome of the posterior conflict

It is a pain in the ankle posterior part.
It can be traumatic sequela, or inflammation of some joint structures chronically irritated by repetitive movements (ballet, football)


  • The pain often felt like a stab similar to going down a sloping street or stairway, or when practicing specific movements.
  • Motion and movement restriction is less common
  • Complementary examinations:
    • Standard radiography
    • A scanner with a possible cortisone injection in the joint, or when cartilaginous lesion or free fragments are suspected
    • An MRI +++


  • Medical treatment: Always comes in the first place and must involve analgesics, anti-inflammatories, rehabilitation and infiltration. Patients who still feel a pain , despite the injection, may benefit from arthroscopy. The cleaning of the front part is carried out by two small incisions.
    Arthroscopy: has changed the treatment and prognosis of past conflicts. This minimally invasive surgery allows for the introduction of instruments such as the camera and forceps allowing to remove diseased tissue, all in a day hospital.